Website Launch

More than a year ago, a friend approached me about creating stationery and day-of signage for her wedding. No matter how many hours she spent rummaging through the vast universe of the internet, she just couldn't seem to find something perfectly suited to her tastes. She had this dream of a fantastic Gatsby inspired wedding that oozed luxury and decadence. Her stationery needed to reflect the roaring twenties, with gold foil frames surrounding stunning lettering. More importantly, she wanted the paper goods throughout her wedding to have the same styling, which is why she was in a pickle. There aren't very many places around the internet that offer the same design range or services as Foxbairn.

Being a graphic designer and the good friend that I am, I offered to create some stationery and signage for her. We conspired to create the forefather of the art deco invitation suite currently offered by Foxbairn. My friend was ecstatic; her wedding became everything that she had dreamt. Her delight nudged an inkling of an idea into my mind. What if I could create paper goods for other people that would inspire the same delight? I already had the education, knowledge, and talent. Were there any barriers? No, not really. I would need to round out my knowledge of being an entrepreneur, but that was entirely feasible.

Within a few weeks, Foxbairn went from an inkling to a company. With tentative hope, I launched my first little shop on Etsy. Clients began stumbling across my shop and traffic improved over time. Eventually, my passion project became an actual business. I learned some marketing tricks (granted I'm still pretty iffy on marketing skills) and focused a monumental effort on customer service. I made a few mistakes (naturally!), but in the end I had an amazingly successful year and earned over 100 five-star reviews. Not bad for starting out. Companies don't grow by themselves, though! It was high time for my little shop on Etsy to become a stand-alone paper goods boutique. What better time than Foxbairn's one-year anniversary, which just happens to be valentine's day?

So here we are, striking out on a new adventure. I'm brimming with anticipation. I can't wait to celebrate Foxbairn's achievements and muddle through the obstacles of launching a stand-alone business. I look forward to working with clients from around the globe, and am confident that my talents will enchant many an event.